What’s expected of partner orgs

This is a general overview of what we ask of our partner orgs throughout the year. We hope it will be helpful to you as you are planning for the year, or deciding whether you can commit to being a partner organization with Yleana.

Before camp (January – June)

  • January/February:
    • Info session at your school for interested students
      • Arrange with Yleana during the best time for you
    • (tentative) Partner org meeting in your city
    • Start recruiting students to apply
  • March:
    • March 1: Yleana application opens (deadline April 1)
      • Remind students to apply
      • Fill out recommendations for each student who is applying
  • April:
    • April 1: Yleana application closes – applications and recommendations are due
      • As we evaluate applications/recommendations, we may occasionally ask you for additional information
  • May:
    • May 1: admissions decisions are released
      • Students have to confirm that they will be coming to camp
      • Once they have confirmed, they need to start on Phase 3 – their permission slips and forms
    • Phase 3 opens
      • Answer partner org phase 3 questions (very short – a few verification questions about each accepted student)
      • Make sure all accepted students:
        • have registered for August SAT
        • have uploaded all required forms
        • have answered all pre-camp questions
    • Acceptance dinners take place in each city for all accepted students and their families
  • June: 
    • June 1: deadline for phase 3 materials
      • We will ask for your help in getting any forms we still need from the students as soon as possible

During/immediately after camp (July – August)

  • First and last days of camp: pickup/drop off
    • We ask that at least one person from your partner org is available to meet the students when they are picked up for camp and dropped off
      • Conduct bag checks before students get on the bus for camp
    • We may ask for your help in finding a chaperone for the bus
  • Be available in case we need to contact you about your students while they are at camp
  • Mid-August: Follow-up Program
    • Remind your students about it and help us encourage attendance (remember that attendance at the Follow-up Program is mandatory for all students who are accepted to Yleana)

After camp (September – December)

  • Students’ cumulative GPAs going into senior year
  • If your students have Yleana mentors:
    • We may occasionally ask you to help us connect with the students (if the students are not being responsive, for example)
  • Help us collect follow-up data about your students (e.g. fall SAT scores)
  • Once your students have finished their college applications:
    • Fill out a form for each student to evaluate their post-camp progress (on apply.yleana.org)
    • How to: college acceptance form (link forthcoming)
  • MOU: Renew partnership with Yleana
    • Fill out google form, start scheduling info sessions for new year, etc.