Tools – comparing colleges

There are three websites I think are really, really useful:

[1] – tells you how much you’ll make, on average, 10 years after you’ve graduated from a given school
Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 12.01.22 PM.png
It’s data-driven and gives us all kinds of stats I never even knew to ask for, such as:
– underrepresented minority graduation rates
– Pell grant recipient graduation rates
– graduation rates by race AND gender and race OR gender
– compare your college to other colleges similar to it and see who is doing comparatively better (look at Dartmouth vs Harvard in terms of underrepresented minority students’ graduation rates!)
– shows you – with the little orange exclamation triangle – engines of inequality

[3] – does this college meet 100% of need, and is it mostly grant-based or loan-based?
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