Mentoring/college entrance coaching FAQs

Why should I be a mentor?

Our mentors tell us that they enjoy mentoring because it enables them to pay their Yleana experience forward to a student who needs their help. They feel connected to their mentees and want to help another student navigate the confusing college application process, like someone helped them. Others say that they wished that they had a mentor when they were going through the application process, and are proud to be that person for a fellow Yleana student.

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What does mentoring involve?

Meet with your mentee(s) in person, via videochat, or phone once a week, for 30-60 minutes

  • Active months: September 1 – December 31
  • Less active months: January 1 – May 31

What do mentors actually have to do?

You will help your mentee(s):

  • Choose colleges that meet their social, educational, and financial needs
  • Apply for financial aid – FAFSA and CSS/Profile
  • Fill out college applications
    • Common App and local state applications. 
    • Help manage deadlines for all the schools on their list
  • Write and proofread their essays
  • Make sure they get recommendation letters and send them to colleges
  • Look for scholarships
  • Choose a college
  • Talk frankly about what college life is like
  • Answer any questions they have

What resources do you have available to help mentors?

Mentoring Checklist

  • This is a month-by-month breakdown of what you should be doing with your students
  • It also contains important dates and links for each month

College Access Basics

  • This contains some terminology and resources you can use. You can use this if you are unfamiliar with the new Student Aid Index (SAI) system (Formerly EFC, Expected Family Contribution), or if you want a list of fly-in programs. 

Mentoring Overview

  • This is a detailed explanation of what mentors have to do. Read this if you want an overview of the entire process

College Tracker

  • Use this spreadsheet as a template to keep track of your students’ college list, scholarship list, deadlines, and your mentoring check-ins (make a copy!)

Comparing college options worksheet – post acceptance

  • Use this spreadsheet to keep track of your students’ acceptances and compare financial aid packages

Scholarships and other resources

  • This page has lists of scholarships, colleges, and specific programs that you and your mentee might want to look into

This blog!

  • We will be updating the blog with reminders and resources. Be sure to follow us so you get new posts straight to your inbox!