Scholarships, financial aid, and other resources

Yleana has lots of resources available to help you think about and apply to scholarships. We know it can be overwhelming to sort through all of the informations and scholarship lists online, so we have put together spreadsheets with scholarships, colleges, and college programs that have a proven track record of helping students like you.

Before you start looking for scholarships, know how much money you need

Often, students think they should only apply for the scholarships that give out the most money. But you should always take into account the amount of money you will get from financial aid as you look for scholarships.

For example, if you get enough financial aid to cover tuition, you don’t need to find scholarships that cover tuition. If you have an EFC of $4,000, you don’t need to find scholarships that cover $10,000.

Also, you do not need to find a single scholarship that covers your entire EFC. If you have an EFC of $4,000, you can make that up with four $1,000 scholarships.

How do I know how much money I will need?

Great question! You can find net price calculators for most colleges. The easiest way to find a net price calculator for a specific college is to google the name of that school and the phrase “net price calculator.” Net price calculators estimate your financial aid award for that specific school. 

Keep an eye out for loans

Some schools include loans as part of your financial aid award package. If you don’t read the award letter closely, it can be easy to think that you are getting more free money than you actually are (see the sample financial aid award letter below). DON’T GET TRICKED!

Remember that loans are not free money – you will need to pay them back. If you don’t want to take out loans, you can find additional scholarships that cover that loan amount.

If you get loans as part of a financial aid award, you do not have to accept them.

Types of loans and definitions


Sample financial aid award letter

Here’s a sample financial aid award letter:

The net price is the amount the student and their family are responsible for paying each year. You can calculate the net price by subtracting the total financial aid award from the total estimated cost of attendance.

Total estimated cost of attendance – total financial aid = net price

Using the example above, the student’s net price is:

$55,000 – $34,100 = $20,900

HOWEVER: The financial aid award includes 3 types of loans:

  • Federal Perkins Loan: $2,500
  • Federal Stafford Loan (subsidized): $3,500
  • Federal Stafford Loan (unsubsidized): $2,000

The total amount of these loans (per year) is:

$2,500 + $3,500 + $2,000 = $8,000

If the student doesn’t want to take out any of these loans, they should look into scholarships that will cover this amount. So the total amount that the student is looking for in scholarships is:

$20,900 + $8,000 = $28,900

Scholarship Lists

Scholarships – general


Colleges/Programs to Look Into


  • ScholarMatcher is an online college search tool designed to help low-income students find schools that will work for them. You can browse colleges or take a quiz to be matched with schools that have a track record of helping low-income students succeed.

Colleges/universities’ programs for historically marginalized students

Test optional schools

Colleges/Programs for high achieving students (3.5+ GPA and 1000+ SAT scores)

Schools that meet full need

List of HBCUs

List of women’s colleges

Regional Scholarships/Programs

PA regional resources

NY regional resources

MA regional resources

MD regional resources

Scholarships/Programs for Specific Student Characteristics

Resources for Latinx students

Resources for African-American students

Resources for students in foster care

Resources for undocumented students

Funding sources open to undocumented students

Scholarships for immigrant youth

Other Resources’s guide to financial literacy for students

Massachusetts No-Interest Loan Criteria

2022-23 FAFSA Toolkit
– includes link to FAFSA Demo website where you can use sample FSA IDs to play with application responses, see each question

2022-23 CSS Profile Overview
– enter HS graduation year as 2022 so you see information pertinent to current HS seniors

2022-23 CSS Profile – Information for Divorced or Separated Parents

Requesting IRS Transcripts (instant download or mail-in application to get copies of past tax returns and w-2s)
– Tip: the copy of the 1040 Individual Tax Return is called “Tax Return Transcript,” W-2s are called “Wage and Income Transcript,” and proof of not filing a tax return is called “Verification of Non-filing Letter.”

Financial Aid Appeal Letter Templates

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