Yleana’s 2019 application is NOW OPEN!

Yleana’s application is now open for 2019

**Reminder: The deadline for APPLICANTS has been extended to April 3, 2019. The deadline for PARTNER ORG RECOMMENDATIONS has been extended to April 5, 2019**

Partner orgs: accessing the application/recommendation

  • Find the application at apply.yleana.org
    • If you recommended students to Yleana in the past, your login email/password is the same
    • There is a link to reset your password on the site if you forgot
  • As a courtesy, we create accounts for anyone who filled out the partner org Google form but is not already in the system
    • You’ll receive an email from Yleana Leadership Academy with a link to set your password and log in
    • These links expire after 24 hours (we can re-send if you need)
  • You can add other users to your partner org!
    • After you log in, click Administration > Add Partner Org Users
  • Students that you nominated will get a reminder email/text when the application opens
  • Yleana application FAQs for partner orgs

How does the application work?


  • Go to apply.yleana.org and click Register
    • If your partner org does not show up on the dropdown menu, we are probably missing either the MOU or partner org survey from you. Please contact us with any questions
  • Fill out the form to register. Students will need access to their cell phone (if they have one) to complete the registration process
    • Students with a cell phone will receive a text with a code. Enter the code to complete the registration
    • Students who do not have a cell phone will receive an email with a code. Enter the code to complete registration
  • Verifying emergency contact numbers
    • If emergency contact has a cell phone, they will receive a text with a numerical code. They need to respond to the text with that code to confirm their number
    • If emergency contact does NOT have a cell phone, they will receive an automated phone call to the landline. They will have to press 1 to confirm their number


We highly recommend that students fill out the application on a computer, not a phone, whenever possible! 

  • Our application is modeled on the Common App
  • We CANNOT accept hard copy applications of any kind


  • You can begin filling out the partner org recommendation for your students as soon as they register. You do NOT have to wait until their application is complete to fill out the recommendation
  • You can check your students’ progress on your homepage after you log into apply.yleana.org
  • We will send an update email to partner orgs each week before the deadline with a list of your applicants and their progress. This will allow you to monitor who is applying, so you can complete recommendations on time. 

Requirements for a complete application

Student application

verified-checkbox-symbol_318-64495.jpg Basic application questions

verified-checkbox-symbol_318-64495.jpg Personal statement (650 words)

verified-checkbox-symbol_318-64495.jpg Short answer questions

verified-checkbox-symbol_318-64495.jpg Transcript upload with cumulative GPA (unofficial is fine)

verified-checkbox-symbol_318-64495.jpg FERPA waiver upload (signed by family member)

Partner org recommendation

verified-checkbox-symbol_318-64495.jpg Basic questions

verified-checkbox-symbol_318-64495.jpg Short answer questions

Best Practices

unnamed (2).jpg

We recommend that partner organizations:

  • Set an internal deadline for student applications
    • Many partner orgs require their students to finish their applications by, for example, March 21 so that they have a week to write recommendations
    • Remember that applications and recommendations are due on the same day (April 1)
    • If we extend the recommendation deadline, we will notify you
  • Use the nomination form so that students have all the Yleana information on their phones and in their email
    • You can nominate students at any time
  • Check your students’ progress on apply.yleana.org
  • Write bulleted recommendations for Yleana
    • From NACAC comes a new style of recommendation letter: Informed by survey research and feedback from admission representatives, NACAC presenter Michelle Rasich now encourages writing personal and detailed letters of recommendation using a hybrid of headers, bullet points, and narratives without sacrificing the quality of content
      • Of 20 highly selective colleges contacted, 19 thought the new format was either as good or better than the standard prose format
      • More info here


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